Halloween Bags

posted Nov 5, 2016, 6:28 PM by Heather Eakin
I have been holding on to some halloween fabric for probably a couple years now. So, I finally decided this was the year to make the bags for the kids. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for my eldest daughter to practice her straight line sewing. She did extraordinarily well! Four bags later, the kids were excited to go out trick or treating.

We started out by preparing our fabric with some homemade starch spray and ironing. 
Preparing the fabric by ironing in the starch spray.

Once the straps were cut, my daughter started sewing them. We did pretty sides together, sewed down the long side and then across one short side. Mommy was in charge of turning them inside out and ironing them flat.
Working on sewing the straps.

While my eldest worked on sewing the straps, mommy and lil sis continued preparing the remaining fabric for the other bags. 
Lil Sis doing some ironing under close supervision.

We decided to go ahead and finish at least one bag on the first day. Here my daughter is sewing up the sides of her bag. Prior to doing the sides we made a small seam along the top edges of the bag, inserted the straps and sewed the seam in place. 
You can tell she is focusing hard because her tongue is sticking out :)

We managed to get three sets of straps completed and my daughter's bag all in one day. I was surprised she hung in there for that long without getting bored. She was quite the trooper.
Our first finished bag!

The next day she insisted on finishing the remaining bags with minimal assistance from mommy. So she completed the last set of straps and three bags.
Sewing brothers bag on day 2.

They turned out really great! Just in time for Halloween!
Everyone excited showing off their halloween bags.

Until next time...
Happy Crafting!