Camera Bag

posted Aug 21, 2016, 10:11 AM by Heather Eakin   [ updated Aug 21, 2016, 11:02 AM ]
Last Christmas my daughter received a sewing machine from Santa. She is super excited to learn how to sew with mommy (and occasionally grandma too). For our first project we decided to make a camera case for her new Frozen Camera.

Here are pictures from our adventure. We traced the camera on tissue paper to make our pattern. We then cut two squares along the folded edge of the fabric using our pattern pieces. One slightly smaller than the other to make the bag and the cover of the bag. It will resemble a mini messenger bag once we are done.

Here my daughter is cutting the fabric for her camera bag.
Here my daughter is cutting the fabric for her camera bag.

We sewed the hem on the main compartment of the bag and then the edges of the cover, reversing the fold so pretty sides were together. We did a straight stitch first, then a zig-zag stitch to reinforce the seam. We then sewed the cover to the main compartment and sewed the edges of the main compartment just as we did for the cover. 

Here she is sewing along the edge of the bag.
Here she is sewing along the edge of the bag.

Along the way we try to reinforce good habits such as making sure the needle is all the way up before we remove our project from our sewing machine.

All done sewing, just making sure the needle is up so we can cut the thread and check out the finished product.
Starting those good habits, checking to ensure the needle is up!

Whew, the hard work is over. The bag is done. We still want to add a strap and a button closure. Those should be fairly simple steps to complete. 

This is basic bag all done. We still need to add the strap and a button. 
 My daughter showing off her new camera bag. 

To add the strap we used a long piece of ribbon. We sewed the ribbon to the fabric by stitching a square with an X through the middle on both sides of the bag.

We've added the strap! Just checking it out to see how it fits. She LOVES it!
Showing off the (almost) finished product!

You can see the cover doesn't quite stay closed. We will be adding a snowflake button for this special camera bag. It will be done soon. 
We really enjoyed our first project on her new sewing machine. Next she will probably make bags for her brother and sister's cameras as well. 
This was a great first project!