I am a mother of four beautiful children. I work full-time outside of the home as an IT manager. I really love being a homemaker and creative inspiration to my children outside of work. I enjoy spending my "free" time doing crafts either with or for my family. This includes everything from baking and cooking to sewing and quilting. I am willing to try almost any project once but repetition is not my strong suit. I like to keep it adventurous, with my craft projects at least. One of my long term goals is to fully learn how to free motion quilt on my sewing machine. It is a work in (slow) progress. This year I am following Leah Day's Machine Quilting Block Party. It has been a lot of fun and I'm hoping that by the end of it I'll be comfortable doing some free motion quilting. (If I get to the end that is.) You can head over to the image gallery to see the types of projects i have enjoyed doing since I began my crafting adventures.
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